The Canadian Pride Historical Society (CPHS) is a non-profit organization with the goal of documenting the Pride Movement in Canada. The CPHS’s vision is to inspire conversations about the future of the Pride Movement in Canada as we share the stories of our past. Our goal is to:

  • Record and preserve the history of the Pride Movement in Canada so that future generations can understand why we have Pride, and
  • Provide education resources through digital and physical exhibits on the history of the Pride Movement in Canada.

This is important as Prides have served an important role in the GSRD rights movement and within their local communities, however, very little has been documented and shared about their history and impact.


In the spring of 2013 when then Pride Winnipeg President Jonathan Niemczak recounted the story of how Pride Winnipeg was formed to a representative from the Canadian Museums of Human Rights (CMHR). Jonathan often opened Pride Winnipeg meetings with this story because of the power behind explaining why we have Pride Parades in Winnipeg. At the time, there was no central resource on the history of the Pride Movement in Canada; instead, its history was divided into small pieces found in books, archives, journals, and personal stories. Jonathan realized that a central resource needed to be crated to address this gap.

A year later at the 2014 Fierté Canada Pride Conference hosted by Pride Winnipeg, Jonathan promoted the idea of creating the CPHS to his Pride colleagues who were in attendance from across the country. Both Pride organizers and representatives from the Canadian Human Rights Museum showed interest in getting involved with this project.

Jonathan struck a team of interested individuals from across Canada to begin to lay the groundwork for the project. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Jonathan had to put the project on hold in the spring of March 2015 as his duties as President of Pride Winnipeg left him little time to dedicate to this important project.

The project remained dormant until the beginning of 2019 when Jonathan reached out to his former Pride colleagues Dallas Barnes and Jordan Hirsch about restarting the CPHS. Both agreed to join the project and the formation of the CPHS began. In August 2020, the CPHS was formally incorporated, and a founding Board of Directors was recruited. The CPHS is now in full operations and has begun its journey to document the history of the Pride Movement in Canada.


Research Project

The research project is split into three phases: historical research, oral stories, and physical exhibits.

  • Historical Research: Historical research conducted on Pride communities on various topics from inception to present day. The research is compiled into a research database known as the Pride Information Management System (PIMS). Additionally, Wikipedia pages are created for each community to provide an historical summary including major milestones, accomplishments, and challenges faced.
  • Oral Stories: Interviews will be conducted with individuals who were at the first Pride celebrations across Canada. The hope is to capture the moment and “spark” of the creation of Canadian Prides, as well as hearing from individuals who had major impacts on their Pride from the founding to the present. The plan is to curate these recordings into short audio documentaries to provide a podcast-type experience. These recordings will be made available on the CPHS website.
  • Physical Exhibits: The CPHS plans to create “roadshow exhibits” to bring the written records and oral stories directly to communities across Canada for individuals to experience in person. The CPHS plans to work with Pride organizations to set up the exhibit at their festival. Outside of Prides, the CPHS plans to make the exhibit available to other organizations and institutions that wish to showcase the exhibit in their community.

Education Project

The education project consists of the following:

  • Lesson Plans: We have developed and will continue to develop a variety of lesson plans from K-12 on foundational, national, and local pride topics.
  • Educational Resource: We have an extensive listing of educational resources including videos, books, articles, two-spirit, field trip ideas and listing of GSRD archives.
  • Historical Shorts: We are developing short 2-3 min videos that go over each of the national pride topics. These videos will supplement our lesson plans and provide key historical information in bite size pieces.
  • Interactive Game: We are developing a browser base video game that will allow users to learn about the history of the Pride Movement in Canada through an engaging and fun gaming experience.
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